Monday, September 27, 2010

had a great time :D

Salaam. Woke up at 12 pm today. Haha. Had breakfast with Pa, and chillin' out in my room. Hoho.
I went to Suria KK to watch Step Up 3 in 3D for the 2nd time, and watch it without 3D two times. So, FOUR TIMES! 
I'm a big fan of Step Up so yeah!

Hoho. But if you notice, there are always a spoiler especially in the final battle in Step Up 2 and 3. The same old spoiler from Step Up 2 is repeated in the latest Step Up. Haha. You have to watch it to know it because I ain't telling you :DD

Okay. Then I went out seeing Shami. Had dinner with him. Blahblahblah.
Oh yeah. I'm still searching for THE LAST SONG dvd. Ngee.
 Reached home at 8.30 pm. Hoho. I'm pretty tired of running while while while ago. I wonder why I'm running. Shami said it's because I wanna get rid of some fats. Haha. Hell no, Shami. I ain't doing that for THAT. lols.

Okay. That's all.

Updating, soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

thanks a lot Shami, you rock man!! :D

Salaam. Hi there! I'm trying to avoid the temptation to open Facebook because I'm jealous of those who were already in Cairo, Egypt and blahblahblah. I'm still here, in Malaysia. Haha. Ignore that.

Btw, last night long chat with Shami on the phone. Somehow I lost my other two phones. I forgot where I put it. Sorry Shasha. 
Thanks Shami and Shasha. You guys helped me a lot to make me feel better. Oh I love you guys! Ngee. I realized that loving someone who clearly won't love you back is a waste of time, so yeah, I won't be a fool, though I am. Okay. I'm logging out now. 

I miss UNiSEL and my friends there. Going to see you guys soon, okay? Haha. Going to take all my CDs there. :D

Updating, soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

random thoughts ;)

Salaam. Updating, just random thoughts.

I miss the scent of his skin.
I miss the way he holds my hand.
I miss the way he's so close to me.
I miss it when we're in car, just hanging there, talking, laughing.
I miss when you're in front seat, I'm in the back. I put my head near yours, then you hold my head. 
I miss when I put my hands at your shoulder.
I miss it when you smile, laugh.
I miss it when we're at Mc Donald's eating burgers, you're in front of me, we both looked into each others eyes.
I miss all about you.
Most of all, I miss what we were before.
To realize that your heart isn't mine anymore, I cried each time.
My heart is aching, every single day. How can this happen.
I shouldn't have let you go.

I should've forget you, I should.
Living with memories of you, but not being with you; isn't something that I want to go through all my life.

They said, I should have a busy life. But at the end of the day, that feeling; the aching is still there. No matter how much I tried, how hard I tried, I couldn't. 

Off now.
Updating, soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

based on true story; story of him, her and others.

     There are once a girl named Ann and  a boy named Sam. Both are schoolmates since they're seven years old. They lost contact with each other since they didn't talk much in primary school. Years after, Ann got Sam's phone number from her friend. She became his closest friend just by texting. And then one day, she decided to meet him when she was at her aunt's house near Sam's house. She went to his house and met his siblings. After that, she went back to her aunt's house, and he accompanied her. She still remember when they shake hands, Sam said "Just shaking hands? That's all?" And he laughed. Ann laughed too.

     That night, she texted him to meet up again the next day to watch movie together; just the two of them. He agreed. The next day, they met up at CP. They're both wearing the same color tone of shirts; which is brown. He said "We're like a couple, aren't we?" Ann replied, "Yes, we look like a couple, a sweet one." They both laughed. Day after day, they became more closer than before. One day, Sam texted Ann "I think of you as my lover, not a friend." From that moment, Sam and Ann are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Months went over so fast, Ann was getting bored with the relationship she had with Sam. She cheated on him. He was so loyal that he cried. Ann was very cruel. She didn't even care. They broke their relationship together with their friendship. They didn't keep in touch, didn't call or text.

     Months after that, they contact each other, again. Ann did have the guts to text him. They texted, but she knew that he hated her so much. She tried to win his heart again. And she did, she did win his heart. Again, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. But then, she cheated again on him, This time, she dated Sam's old friend. Sam was very upset. Again, Ann pleaded to him to be his girlfriend again. But Sam didn't give her the chance. He won't. After all the time, she did it again. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me," he said.

     And for now, Ann is still confused for what she feels for Sam. Because deep inside, she loves Sam but she loves other too. She then sings parts of her favorite song; Ghost of You by Selena Gomez ...

And I'll never be
Quite the same
As I was before this
Part of you still remains
Though it's out of focus
Your just somewhere that I've been
And I won't go back again
Your just somewhere that I've been

One of these days
I wake up from this bad dream I'm dreaming
One of these days
I pray that I'll be
Over over over you
One of these days I realize
That I'm so tired of feeling confused
But for now there's a reason
That your still here in my heart

Updating, soon.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

things I've learned in Ramadhan ;)

Salaam. 1st of all, selamat menyambut aidilfitri yg hampir tiba :)

Things I've learned:
Okay aku cakap melayu jak kali ni. Penat dohh cakap English all the time :D
  1. Aku belajar bersyukur. Haha. Aku bersyukur aku membesar dalam family yg tidak susah, means sederhana la bahh :D Because aku sedar aku selama ini sangat2 cerewet! 
  2. Aku sedar bahawa DUIT SYILING sangat PENTING! Haha. Aku kumpul duit syiling yg aku taknak and kedebommm! Mencapai beberapa RM and aku sedar semua duit penting. Haha. Sobolum ni eden suko duit kertas yo, mano lah eden pandang duit syiling nehh. Haha. Now I know why my friends sangat2 peduli akan duit syiling.
Hoho. That's all for today. Ngee. Tadi aku joined family kat Nilai ni shopping. Hoho. Walaupun agak sodih korano tak dapek nak shopping ngan omak and bapak den, den okay yo lahh ;')

I'm going back to Sabah this coming Tuesday. Ngee. Flight aku jam8.00 malam. Hoho. And of course aku naik MAS. Ngee. Nda sabar sudah aku mau jumpa family and dua ekor kawan aku and Abg aku. Ngahaha.

I'll miss my friends in UNiSEL, and especially my room yg agak semak semasa keberadaanku di UNiSEL :D 
I'm officially OUT of UNiSEL. 
I, DgKu Siti Nur Amirah, no longer a student of UNiSEL ;')

To my friends yg text aku tapi aku nda reply, faham2 jak la mood aku ni agak susah sedikit. 

Updating, soon.