Wednesday, September 22, 2010

random thoughts ;)

Salaam. Updating, just random thoughts.

I miss the scent of his skin.
I miss the way he holds my hand.
I miss the way he's so close to me.
I miss it when we're in car, just hanging there, talking, laughing.
I miss when you're in front seat, I'm in the back. I put my head near yours, then you hold my head. 
I miss when I put my hands at your shoulder.
I miss it when you smile, laugh.
I miss it when we're at Mc Donald's eating burgers, you're in front of me, we both looked into each others eyes.
I miss all about you.
Most of all, I miss what we were before.
To realize that your heart isn't mine anymore, I cried each time.
My heart is aching, every single day. How can this happen.
I shouldn't have let you go.

I should've forget you, I should.
Living with memories of you, but not being with you; isn't something that I want to go through all my life.

They said, I should have a busy life. But at the end of the day, that feeling; the aching is still there. No matter how much I tried, how hard I tried, I couldn't. 

Off now.
Updating, soon.

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