Sunday, October 31, 2010


Salam :)
Hey y'all ! :D

How's life? Getting any better?
Haha. I'm feeling fine for now :)

Tomorrow I'll attend my driving class :P
Pfft !
Lameeeeeeeeee :D
Eff yeah driving class ! :D

So, after driving class, maybe, I'll head straight to CP.
Hoho. Nak lepak Secret Recipe. Bosannnn kotttt duduk kat umah je :P

Hmm. I guess that's all for now.
I'll update soon.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

it's no more considered lying after you tell the truth :D

awwwww :)
pity my friends :D

hahaha. I'm really good in acting, I should be an actress :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

berhabuk? :D

Salam. Hello there !
Ngee. How are you guys?
I'm feeling great :)

Hoho. Aku update blog ni pun because my sister in UNiSEL, Puteri asked me to update this blog sebab blog ni dah berhabuk katanya :D

Haha. Nothing much to say.
Will be studying in Lim Kok Wing University next year :P
Huh? I wonder what's the point of me going out of UNiSEL :P

Okay okay okay !
Hoho. Aku still dalam process untuk mendapatkan lesen memandu :)
That's all I guess :)

Aku rindu UNiSEL ! 
sangatsangatsangat !


updating, soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

see and listen to these! ;)

nice song!

Mike Tompkins, Sam Tsui, Nick Pitera. Search them in Youtube!

Salaam. Randomly updated!
I am terribly missing UNiSEL right now!
I can't sleep.
I'm nervous, hell I don't know why.
I finally found The Last Song dvd, watched it twice. Nice movie!

Currently listening to songs in Youtube.
Haha. And I'm addicted to Sam Tsui, Mike Tompkins and Nick Pitera.
Search them in Youtube,and you'll see the AWESOMENESS! :)

I'll be updating this blog soon. ;)