Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's important to me. Love, it's always LOVE.

Assalamualaikum :) Kom apa kombet, bet apa betmen :D HAHA I'm bored -.-
So, I was brainstorming to find a topic to write here.
My lecturer asked us which one is more important, LOVE or MONEY? Obviously, we need money but we need love too. Of course, with love we can't buy bread or stuffs. But how can someone live without love? It's like living without a reason. I don't know but for me, I need both ;)
And we were discussing about our society, how people judge, what's more important nowadays. We're discussing about Tuesdays With Morrie :) Morrie said that the new generation is focusing more on finding money, where status is important, where rich people live better life than poor people.
Well, as for me, I don't think that status is important. I love money, I need money but I don't know. I don't think money is everything.
Want to know why some rich people feel there's emptiness in their lives? It's because they forgot that God exist. People are too busy searching for what's important to them in life, but they forgot to thank God, to pray.
And to me, love is always above all. Always.
Here's something I want to tell you. I have a friend, I can't tell you her name. Let's just call her A. So, A has everything that anyone would love to have. She's rich because her parents make a lot of money, so she can buy anything she wants. But here's one thing, she never really feel the love from her dad. Her dad is always busy working. He's barely staying at home. She can only see him on weekends. And he did beat her if she's done something wrong. And she's not happy with that. I feel sorry for her.
I'm not rich, at least not yet. But I still got what I want. And yet, my dad loves me so much! And my dad never beat, not even pinch me or talk to me in loud voice. He's always so loving, so caring. I love to lay my head down on his lap.
But everyone thinks that A is better than me because she's more beautiful than me, she's richer, and quite intelligent.
I'm not rich, not even close to NICE-TO-SEE, and obviously I'm stupid. But I'm happy. I'm happy that I have such a loving parents, such a wonderful family. That's important to me. Happiness from love is far more important than what I get from money. I don't know about you but this is me, you can't judge me.
I'm glad to have a father like Ag Ku Ahmad. I would never want anybody else to be my father, just him. Just him.

Okay, I'm getting all touchy right now. Better stop writing.
I'll update soon.

Wong Fu! xxoo

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