Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Searching and searching for blogs to follow :)

Assalamualaikum :) Hi, how are you? I'm a bit dizzy, overslept explains it all.
So, I spent my day today sleeping from 5 am until 3 pm :) I'm awesome and I know it :D
I'm currently searching for blogs to follow :) To find new blogger friends :) I found a few cute adorable blogs and I followed them ;) I hope they noticed :3
Just fell in love, AGAIN, with Blogger. I just don't know to whom should I share so I guess it's better for me to post it here. I don't care if no one read. As long as I'm happy! ;)

Oh! And I made a chatbox so that it's easier for me to follow back if they leave their links. But to be frank, I don't follow Healthiness or Beauty Blog or blogs that sell stuffs like cakes, health products and all. Because I'm not even buying those stuffs on-line :D I'm so sorry. But I will follow one day, if I'm in need of those things :)

Someone asked me why am I writing in English. I have a few friends and they asked me to write in English so they can understand. Of course I am not good in English, but I'm trying. I have this one good friend named Amber and she's from Canada. She's a wonderful person and I like her :)

Oh and that someone also asked me why I put "Wong Fu!" at the and of my post. Wong Fu is actually a production. I found them in YouTube. Wong Fu Production :) They made awesome short films and dramas. Go and search them in YouTube.

So that's all for now.
See ya!

Wong Fu! xxoo


  1. as salam ayen... followed u back :)
    ur such a sweet girl..i have intenational friends too..but i have no confidence to write all of the entries in english. i bet u gave that confidence :)

  2. aww thanks :) you're sweet too.
    ah? I bet your English is better than mine :)
    I'm not good in English but I tried the best :)

  3. haha.... just basic lo..
    I'm sure that ur friends must be appreciate ur efforts :)
    anyway, i'm touched abt ur abah's story.. ur so lucky ayen :)
    Would u mind to write about ur memories of childhood with ur abah and ur family too. I'm sure that it would be great+fun..huhu

  4. aww thank you :)
    I did think of writing about my bapa :)
    maybe later.


yaww ! thanks for your comment :)