Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kawan? Sahabat? A friend? True friend?

Assalamualaikum. Wahh cepatnyaa saya update -.- Bosan bah here in Unisel.
As you can see, the title :) FRIENDS.
How do you call someone a friend?
Just by knowing their names? Adding them on Facebook? Your classmates? Former schoolmates? The one you've known for years? The one who helped you?
I don't actually know the true meaning of friendship. But honestly, we only care about people who care about us. Am I right? I'm sorry if I'm wrong. But are you that nice? You care about someone who ignored you? Really? Is that so? In friendship, I don't think so. But in love, yes. We tend to care about THAT PERSON we love even though THAT PERSON doesn't really care. In friendship, we usually see "you hurt me, i hurt you back then it's over"
Even people only take advantages of being a friend to someone. Someone who has a car, or very rich, or a nerd and even a stupid person. Of course ;) We can go everywhere we want if one of our friends has a car, right? And if we need money, we can ask from our rich friends :) If our tasks or assignments are not done yet, our nerd friend will help us to do it. And a stupid friend will do anything for us because they're just simply stupid. REALLY? ARE YOU THAT KIND OF PERSON?

I have a friend who has a car, but yet I never ask her to send me anywhere I want to. I have a rich friend but wouldn't it be PATHETIC to ask someone their money? I have a nerd friend, but I don't want to burden her because she's my friend and DAMN IT'S MY OWN TASKS. Why would I ask someone to do it for me? I don't have any stupid friend because I don't call my friends stupid. Everyone is perfect in their own way.

The other day I posted a status saying that I'm so sad and feel like giving up. I cried at that moment. Then there's this one girl gave a comment. She asked me to smile and cheer up and everything will be fine. I smiled, and I'm thankful someone actually read and care about my status because people in Facebook only care about stupid status and all I get is LIKES. I'm glad there are still wonderful persons in Facebook ;)

Don't look down on people. Have a little faith in someone like me. My whole life has been a disaster. I'm never a TOP student, yeah because I'm stupid and lazy. But just give me a chance to actually help you in anything that I can. I'm trying to change my attitude. I want to be a better friend.

I can't give you money, but what can I give is courage, a shoulder to cry, and lots of fat to pinch on. I love all my friends, I do :')

Updating, soon.
Take care babes :)

Wong Fu! xxoo

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