Thursday, January 5, 2012

Midvalley is okay ;)

Assalamualaikum :)
Yes, it's me again. Just ate Nasi Bujang and Iced Milo :) I'm full!

So, Midvalley is still and always be my favourite port while I'm still here in Selangor.
Because it's easy. Took a bus from UNiSEL or Btg Berjuntai or Ijok or anywhere, go to KTM Sg.Buloh, then buy a ticket to KTM Midvalley. Kaboom! You're there! As simple as that :D
It'll costs not more than rm10 to go there :)
But you can always go to Berjaya Times Square or Pavilion or anywhere :) But as for me, if my intention is just to go watch movies, I'll go to Midvalley. Simple :)

Here, I'm posting photos of me and my friends. Just photos, nothing special :)

 Fatimah and me :) 

 Me at Sushi King Midvalley ;)

 My house-mate Syira and I, we went trolling at night :D

Me and my roommate, just chillin' out near the lake :p

So, UNiSEL is very hot like seriously HOT! You won't survive if you don't have an umbrella :p You will probably die :D HAHA! I'm not kidding, I'm serious.

P/S: I miss my laki so much right now :) Md. Ridhwan Fitri, cepatlah habis PLKN tu. RINDU TERAMAT sda ni :') I miss you so much syg. I couldn't sleep for like 3 days now. I want you to be with me! PLKN sucks because no phone is allowed except for weekends! Fuck that shit -.-

Wong Fu FOR LIFE! xxoo


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