Thursday, December 27, 2012

what i do when i can't sleep.

assalamualaikum and a very good morning to my fellow friends ;D
yeah i can't sleep right now. huaaaa. menguap sudah but mata tidak boleh tutup. RAF is sleeping so it's a waste of time & energy for me to call him just to wake him up and start fighting :p better do something else.

so what do i do when i can't sleep? apa lagi kalau bukan facebook-ing, tweet-ing and cari games yg hangat. and mostly memang aku layan game apa2 saja asalkan game tu ada zombie. HAHA. memang aku addict game ada zombie mungkin. tapi aku main game zombie budak2 punyaaa. bukan yg macam Resident Evil ka Silent Hill ka punya monsters, NO. main monsters kanak-kanak riang punya ;)

so game yg aku main tadi ni laa :)

now it's time to play another game. a cute game, for a cute person like me :3 HAHA perasannya -.-" *vomits
HAHA so yeah. continue to play this game ;)

i don't even know when will i go to bed -.-" i guess i'll sleep after playing this game. heeee :D

good morning and may you all live a happy life :)

Anmyra Creativity! xxoo

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