Sunday, March 11, 2012

No idea. Masjid India :)

Assalamualaikum people!
Hi how are you? Oh my it's been such a long time for me since I last posted anything here -.-
I miss my blog, and I miss my Blogger friends. Going to do a bit of blogwalking tonight ;) Woohoo!
I'm bored so maybe some thrilling or sad entries will probably catch my attention ;D

So, nothing special happened in my life recently. Just a bit of frustration :p
I just reached hostel for almost an hour. I went to meet my parents in KL on Friday ;)
Bought new shawls and got myself this (photo below)

Just rm5 for one hand (area Mydin Masjid India) and it's so pretty :)

That's all for now. Take care ;)

Wong Fu! xxoo

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yaww ! thanks for your comment :)