Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy. Busy. Annoyed. Love. Role-play.

Assalamualaikum people. Been buys lately :) Busy with assignments and all. And I'm so tired -.-
I've been busy and annoyed at the same time. Want to know why?

First, I hate it when someone talked to me in their ANNOYING VOICE and said "I'm so fat right now. I'm so ugly. At least you don't have a big butt." And I was like "seriously I'm uglier than you, obviously bigger and more fat than you are. Big butt? That's it? I'm big in everything that I have. If you hate it so much that you're fat, lose some weight. Telling me that you're fat doesn't make you any skinnier"
But of course I will never say that. I don't want to offend her but if she keeps telling me that, I'll say it out loud. Yes, I will.

Second, I hate it when someone have a better score than you, than she said "I'm stupid, right?" I feel like shouting exactly at her ears and say "so what am I?"

I was annoyed with these kind of people, to be exact, GIRLS. I don't know why are they acting like that? Low self-esteem? Really? It's not just me, but I know others are annoyed too. What were they thinking? That we will pity them and what? I can't understand.

Jodoh di tangan Allah. Kita manusia hanya mampu berdoa :)
Kalau bukan jodoh, saya terima seadanya. Kita berjumpa, berkawan, berkasih dan berpisah semuanya biarlah kerana Allah.

p/s: There's rehearsal for role-play tonight. Ughh! I hate role-plays, told you.

That's all for now. Updating, soon.

Wong Fu! xxoo

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