Saturday, February 11, 2012

holidays. new term. holidays. role-play sucks.

Assalamualaikum :)
Hi there lovely people. Sooooo, have been missing for a month :p
My holidays started on 14 January 2012, ended on 29 January 2012. But I went back to Kota Kinabalu on 16th and went back to Unisel on 29th.
My new term, which is my second term started on 1 February 2012. But then, no class from 3 February until 8 February. So, I went back home on 2nd of February and got back here in Unisel on 8th of February. I'm awesomeeee :) I know :p
So, our lecturer told us that there will be a role-play, again, for this term. I fucking hate role-plays. Seriously, what does it has to do with education? I really need to know. Pfft!

That was the boring stuffs. Guess what? I found the Facebook profile of the guy that I wanted to meet, again. Okay, the story goes like this. On 15th of December 2010, my best friend Linda and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. So there's this handsome guy sitting next to us. And damn he's so fucking delicious. I would eat if it were legal. So, I took a picture of him. And posted it in Facebook and named the album "I have the aching need to find this guy :p" So, one of my Facebook friends commented on the photo and said that the guy is his brother and gave me the link of that guy's Facebook profile. And bang! Just like that, I literally shouted. And I was shouting for almost 15 minutes. Literally. I almost cry, almost. I'm so happy that I was shouting and laughing at the same time. Yes, I found him. And I want to be his friend. Just a friend :) I hope he approve my friend request :) Aminn.

So that's all for now.
I am stillll craving for Chocolate Cream Chip & Mixed Bento.

Wong Fu For Life! xxoo

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