Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm dying to see Harry Potter :)

Salaam . Hey . Yes , as you can see the title . I am dying to see HP . Oh my oh my oh my !
I even. Yes , I did . Haha . I know I'm a bit crazy .
So I asked my friend Linda if she's all free on 18 Nov ,
and she said she's free . And I  .
I even honestly imagined myself .

Haha . Okay okay okay . Today is Shasha's birthday . I totally forgot . Haha . I called her .

So I am currently addicted to and .
Yes I am now .

Haha . Okay , I'm updating my blog soon .
Nak out jap :)



  1. hi ayenn..
    how did you put the nice emoticon @ animation in your post ???
    can u share it ? ;)

  2. more thing, how to disappear the coloured border at the icon u taught me earlier ??

    could u mind to have a look at my latest entry.i put the 'love' icon from glitter graphics but the image border can be seen.


yaww ! thanks for your comment :)