Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter ! haha :D

Salaam . Hey all ! 
Yes , I dah tengok HP siang tadi :P

OMG ! I love Rupert so much . Weeeee ~
HP is not a waste of money , well at least not mine :D
Even though it's not in 3D , but I enjoyed every single moment in the cinema ! 
I'm waiting for HP and The Deathly Hallows Part Two next year . :)

Haha . Next movies are Rapunzel and Narnia .
Yes . Narnia is a MUST !
You've got to see Narnia , in 3D .
Rapunzel also a MUST in 3D .
I am kinda addicted to 3D movies , so yeah .

Hoho . And I am currently in love with Burger King :)

Hoho . I went out with Linda .

I'm bored because my cellphone ran out of credit :P
Huh ! Boring night tonight :D

Updating , later .

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