Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Am I alone ?

salaam . hee . erm .
I'm okay . . maybe tidak . .
I don't really have many friends . just a few . believe it or not :)
 I don't know why . . what's fucking wrong with me ?

I love my friends . they just don't see it . I love them so much . I'll do anything I can for them . Why can't they see ? Oh yeap. Pity me, huh?

I'm definitely sad right now. And all I have now ... just my phone, my PC. Yeap. That's all I have now. I really wanted to text someone to share what I feel now, but all my friends were asleep. I guess, I just have to handle this alone, at this hour. Thank God I have a blog. So that I can release my tension. I actually don't understand what they need. I tried, hard, to be perfect for my friends and him. I guess I didn't try harder. All I need now is just a friend. To share. . .

Shami. Kau bestie aku kan. Kau tau aku camna. Aku shared almost everything with you. Walaupun kau sometimes annoying, but I love you the way you are. Aku tau kita BFF forever ever! I wish you read this. You know me, right? I'm not like this. This is so not me. I know. I've been hiding all my sorrow, in my heart and mind. Kau tau kn aku susah mau share ngan orang? But now it's different. I really wanted to cry out loud, but I just can't, couldn't. Shami, kau tau kan aku camna. Nangis, isn't my thing. Kau tau kan? But now, aku nda tahan sudahhh . Kau tiada sini. I need you now!

OMG Shami! kau call aku just now. Baru jak aku mau click PUBLISH POST then kau called. ee. Memang kau memahami! tu la aku sayang kau! Thanks. Aku tetap akan post jua ni :)


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